Monthly Archives: July 2013

Love this weather!


Today was gorgeous . . . not hot or humid, nice breeze, perfect if you are like me and don’t like hot hot summer.  We probably should have fired up the lawn mowers, but we opted to do a bit of housecleaning and then sit outside with the chickens and goats, while trying to train Yodel (outside dog) to leave those critters alone.  She does great when a particular collar is on.  Great nephew Cooper and great niece Cammie were here with their mom and grandparents to see the animals.  Cammie was determined to see a hen lay an egg; I didn’t think she would catch the timing just right, but she did!  Described it perfectly . . . “The egg was slimy but now it’s dry.”  She and Cooper gathered several before they left.  Can’t believe how fast those kids are growing.  They are smart, and when you teach smart kids to talk, life is forever after interesting! 


Expanding the goat herd


We just brought home three goats, to add to our Heinz-57 wethers, Casper and Chomby.  These new kids are spring babies, a wether (Puppy, name to be changed later), and two does, Laverne and Shirley.  Puppy and Shirley are full Boer goats (meat breed); Laverne is a Boer/Alpine cross, so she is a lovely blonde color and has longer legs than the other two.  Our little herd is complete for now.  We won’t breed the does until next year.  Once my tech support person (husband Lowell) helps me figure out how to post pictures, I will get some up on the site.  It’s fun to watch the five kids get acquainted!  Here’s an old proverb about goats:  “If a fence can hold water, it can hold a goat.”

The best kind of day


What a great day yesterday!  Hubby on vacation, so we took the nieces to a working grist mill not too far from here.  Had an education about the mill and covered bridges.  I was glad to learn that the flours and corn ground at this particular mill are non-GMO.  In my garden this year I have grown heirloom/open pollinated varieties of our favorite veggies — tomatoes, beans, corn, potatoes, lettuce, carrots . . . wish I were a better/more knowledgeable gardener.  Should have paid more attention to mom/dad/grandma all those years ago!  At least I’ve had some good lettuce this past spring, and now the tomatoes are coming on; they just need some hot weather (this week should do it) to ripen.  Potato plants look strong; corn was flattened completely about a week ago by strong wind and rain, but most of it has recovered.  I have some pole bean plants climbing up some corn stalks, and some squash (Thelma Sanders type) growing between the corn rows.  This “three sisters” garden is something I wanted to try last year, but the heat and drought made that a bust.  The chickens cranked out lots of eggs yesterday, and the girls loved collecting them.  “Hen fruit” is a pretty reliable crop here, even if I mess up everything else!

The best kind of guests


The best part of having a hobby farm is sharing it with friends and family.  My great nieces are here for two days, and they have already gathered fresh eggs in those beautiful shades of blue and brown.  They are also teaching me how to blog!  I’ve waited 30 years to get back to the country, and I hope to post thoughts and photos about the people, animals, and plants that make me smile.  Michal and Erin sure make me smile, and I hope they come back for another visit very soon.