The best kind of day


What a great day yesterday!  Hubby on vacation, so we took the nieces to a working grist mill not too far from here.  Had an education about the mill and covered bridges.  I was glad to learn that the flours and corn ground at this particular mill are non-GMO.  In my garden this year I have grown heirloom/open pollinated varieties of our favorite veggies — tomatoes, beans, corn, potatoes, lettuce, carrots . . . wish I were a better/more knowledgeable gardener.  Should have paid more attention to mom/dad/grandma all those years ago!  At least I’ve had some good lettuce this past spring, and now the tomatoes are coming on; they just need some hot weather (this week should do it) to ripen.  Potato plants look strong; corn was flattened completely about a week ago by strong wind and rain, but most of it has recovered.  I have some pole bean plants climbing up some corn stalks, and some squash (Thelma Sanders type) growing between the corn rows.  This “three sisters” garden is something I wanted to try last year, but the heat and drought made that a bust.  The chickens cranked out lots of eggs yesterday, and the girls loved collecting them.  “Hen fruit” is a pretty reliable crop here, even if I mess up everything else!


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  1. It was a fun day indeed! Collecting those eggs is something my mister and I are completely not used to in our daily lives, so it’s always fun to do that here with you:) thanks for the adventures!

  2. It was a fun day indeed! Collecting those eggs is something that my sister and I have never known in our daily lives, so that’s always a blast doing that here with you:) Thanks for the adventures

  3. Yay for starting a blog! Thanks for having the girls over for a few days. They had a blast and learned so many new things. I’m now following your blog by email.

    • I have the girls’ blogs on my favorites tab; want your blog info, too, so I can follow it. You make the coolest cards! And it’s awesome that your daughters think of you as famous in the card-blogging world. We had the best time with the girls! Thank you for sharing them with us. Wish we lived closer so we could see all of you more often.

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